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Leap n’ Learn Preschools and Out of School Care are privately owned and operated. The Leap n' Learn Directors/Owners (Krista & Isobel) share between them, a wealth of experience in teaching, curriculum planning and childcare. Their degrees in Education, Child and Youth Studies & Education and Curriculum, as well as Alberta Childcare Supervisor Certification, all lend to creating programs uniquely geared for engaging, educating and nurturing both preschool age children and the children in the out of school care programs. Children need a caring, nurturing, and responsive environment and we believe that the when this is provided, the mightiness of all children shines through. 

All records and family information are confidential and will not be shared with any other facility or organization unless requested by a parent. All photos taken in our facility and/or on field trips are only shared with our parents in the preschool or out of school care program. Any photos posted on the web will not have children in them. Some childcare programs have photos accessible for everyone visiting their websites, but with all the uncertainness and vastness of the World Wide Web, Leap n’ Learn Preschool feels that the safety of our students and their families is first and foremost.

Our Preschool is fully licensed by the Alberta Government and we are proud to meet and exceed government standards for childcare. Government subsidy is available for qualifying families. We follow all regulations regarding our facility, safety, health and teacher/student ratios. The current Alberta Government ratio for children three to five is 1:12; and we stay well below this at all times. All staff members, including directors, are fully qualified in early childhood education, training & care as well as first aid. The Alberta Children and Youth Services requires all staff to have their Police Security Check as well as a vulnerable sector search done and all Leap n’ Learn staff, casual or permanent adheres to this regulation. Leap n’ Learn goes one step further to ensure your child’s safety as we require all parents wishing to volunteer in the classroom and/or on field trips, to have these same security checks done.

Our Preschools

Leap n' Learn Preschools are located in the communities of Drake Landing in Okotoks the community of Chaparral/Walden in Southeast Calgary and the community of Silverado in the Southwest of Calgary. We specialize in the multiple intelligences of children. Our mission is to provide quality preschool/out of school care to the communities of South Calgary and the community of Okotoks. Read more about each facility and view a short video tour by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

Our Philosophy


Our programs are innovative and unique as they focus on how children learn and accept the fact that they all learn in their own special way and time. Children come into the world eager to learn and by utilizing the philosophies behind the theory of multiple intelligences; we are maximizing their rate of success socially, emotionally and academically. Our goal is to blend learning through play, classroom and social activities.

The philosophy behind the theory of Multiple Intelligences is as follows: Children are active participants in the growth of their linguistic, social, emotional, conceptual and motor competence. However, the rate at which a child learns and becomes a confident learner varies and is dependent upon how he or she processes the information they are given and to what extent the child is engaged in the process. Discovering a child's optimal intelligences will ultimately increase the rate of learning and increases more so as we strive to further develop the weaker of the eight multiple intelligences innate within all children. Children are intelligent in these eight different ways in varying degrees. For example, some children learn better by "doing", some by "seeing" and still others learn best by "listening".

Staff act as facilitators for learning. There is a balance between academics, play and exploration that prepare the children for the kindergarten classroom. Children learn best through active exploration of their environment. Our preschool environment includes all 8 multiple intelligences. Our learning centers are based upon these intelligences: Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Visual-Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Musical, Bodily Kinaesthetic and Naturalist. By helping each child become aware of their intelligences, we open the door to many successful encounters and opportunities of learning in their future. Learning should be fun and children should feel confident no matter what age they are.

Leap n' Learn preschool provides a welcoming, safe and caring atmosphere, thus, enabling all children the means to reach their full potential physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Throughout the year, children are successfully guided through age appropriate and fun activities to achieve these very essential early learning goals.

The Leap n' Learn Preschools each have a team of collaborative, caring, qualified and creative teachers and assistants who all live in or near the community they teach in. Their passion for educating young children is apparent each and everyday. They go over and above the expectations of what it means to be a preschool teacher. In addition, parents and children love when they see their teacher in and around the community. Our staff are very consistent for this industry and most have been with us for many years. Parents are delighted when their younger children have the same teacher as the older siblings had.

Our teachers have all been trained and certified in teaching the Handwriting Without Tears© program that we offer at Leap n' Learn. This program was developed by an occupational therapist for children age 3 to 5. 

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